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How do I prove my income when I am self-employed?

“Did you know that there is more than 1 way to evidence your income when you are self employed? If you need help your mortgage need, then do not hesitate to a contact me”  

How often should I pay my mortgage?

“Did you know that you do not just have to pay your mortgage monthly? The more frequently you pay your mortgage, the less interest you end up paying over the lifetime of the loan”  

Should I fix my interest rate?

“With interest rate movements recently, many are wondering if they should be fixing there home loan interest rate.  Here are a few things that you should be aware of.”  

How long does a pre approval last?

“A question from one of my clients that I wanted to share with others. How long do pre approvals last and can they be extended?”  

What is a mortgage?

“In this video we are getting right back to basics, what is a mortgage?”  An explanation of how mortgages are secured and why we need a mortgage.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

In this video we discuss; What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance? Why does it exist and who is the benefit for?  

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