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About the Business

My business functions within the award-winning broker group RateOne.  With their support, I am able to operate my business activities at a more productive level than if I was just a one-man broking business. Their team provide me with a back-office support service second to none, allowing me to deliver better service and results to my clients. RateOne provide me with administrative assistance – freeing me up so that I can spend more time with my clients; professional development – ensuring that I stay up to date with lender products, policies and procedures; education on regulator’s requirements – ensuring that I remain compliant at all times; and the bonus of being able to draw upon the valuable experience of a group of over 30 mortgage brokers.

Based in Melbourne’s west, I service clients in a variety of locations – from my home town of Bacchus Marsh and its surrounding suburbs, to areas further out west such as Ballarat, to Melbourne CBD and even eastern suburbs. For clients outside of my service zones, I can provide a referral option to one of my experienced colleagues at RateOne, ensuring you are met with the same level of service you could expect direct from me.

My business model is built on the concept of managing relationships between multiple experts in their field, to help you achieve your finance and property goals. Whilst I specialise in residential mortgages, it is my intention to act as your Financial Relationship Manager in all areas of property and finance. I do this by gaining an in-depth understanding of your current circumstances, your future plans and aspirations, and uncovering areas where you may need to seek additional support. I take a ‘hub and spoke’ approach to your situation, which may include connecting you to other trusted professionals within my extensive network built from years working within the industry, to help you meet your finance goals. You may need some assistance in the future with a car loan, asset finance, commercial finance, risk insurances, superannuation, SMSF, tax requirements or real estate. To assist you in these areas, I can connect you with reputable and vetted professionals such as commercial brokers, car loan / personal loan brokers, financial planners, accountants and real estate agents.

With a wealth of experience ranging from being a mortgage broker in the UK, to a business development manager working with some of the major banks in Australia, I have seen hundreds of lending scenarios in my time. This has helped me gain the knowledge and experience necessary to properly understand potential obstacles within the lending landscape, that could restrict your finance options. This landscape is constantly changing, and with my help, you can rest assured you will receive the most suitable financial solution based on your circumstances, and avoid any unnecessary stress along the way!


About Me:

My experience with mortgages dates back to the early 2000’s when I worked as a mortgage broker in the UK.  After moving to Australia in 2007, I worked within the banks as a Business Development Manager (BDM) – building relationships with mortgage brokers – helping them to workshop their loan scenarios; present their applications in the best light for the client; and educating them on the most suitable products for their customers. I also worked as a BDM for a mortgage brokerage – recruiting, coaching and training brokers – helping them to grow their businesses.

After many enjoyable years employed as a BDM, the pull of helping clients direct with their financial and property needs became overwhelming. I missed the client interaction and the uplifting feeling of helping clients one-on-one to achieve their financial goals, so I returned to the life of a mortgage broker.

My strategy to servicing clients draws strongly on my experience as a bank BDM – accessing the numerous professional relationships I have established over the years, in order to create a hub and spoke approach to assisting clients in reaching their specific finance goals.

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